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Success in business comes from strong relationships. The relationship you have with your financier can mean the difference between surviving or not when liquidity is needed most.

Cairns Business Loans ‘CBL’ is the culmination of 20 years commercial lending experience. Under the expert guidance of Kelley Moss, ‘CBL’ has a steadfast relationship with its clients that has stood strong against the Global Financial Crisis and now positions commercial clients appropriately to take advantage of the recovery.

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Your Broker

How do you select the Loan broker that is right for you?

Here are some traits that are extremely important:

  • lntegrity – find someone who has principles and ethics
  • Dedication – who is willing to commit themselves to seeing you achieve your goals?
  • Experience – Not all loans are for all people, not all banks are for all people – don’t waste time with inexperienced operators or newcomers to the industry
  • Efficiency – time is of the essence and you want this process over as quickly as possible. Find some one who knows finance inside out and ensure that you get results.

Get Approved!

Deep down, we’re all seeking approval! At CBL, we are proud to offer a steadfast guarantee that we will do everything in our power to hunt down the approvals you are seeking.

We know the process inside out and apply decades of experience to move your application through as efficiently as possible.

Finance applications are very much like matching a round peg into a round hole. We pride ourselves on being able to help you fashion the peg into shape so more applications proceed.

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